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What is Recycled Granite?

Simply put, Recycled Granite repurposes the beauty of natural stone otherwise headed for local landfills.  Using left-over counter top materials from local fabricators, we create 100% natural split stone veneers, tiles, pavers and aggregates.  With our patented machinery, we manufacture the scrap into a variety of shapes and sizes; 100% of the granite is recycled, preventing thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable waste from entering landfills each year.  

We even use it for home decor, much of which you can make yourself.  Check out our class schedule under the "Stone and Pallet" tab above!

Is the granite crushed and reconstituted or is it solid stone?

Our Recycled Granite Building Products are 100% solid stone, just like Mother Nature intended it to be.  We use both solid and crushed stone in our Stone and Pallet classes.
In comparison to traditional concrete pavers, which are generally 3,000-5,000 psi…our recycled granite pavers withstand 15,000-25,000 psi, making them up to 3 - 5 TIMES STRONGER. The dramatic beauty and strength has been built up, layer upon layer, over thousands of years. They withstand weathering and fading far better than any other stone available on the market.

​The recycled granite split stone tiles are individually split by hand. Every single stone is touched by a human hand, not just machines. Like snowflakes, each stone has uniquely different properties and no two are alike. The splitting process reveals stunning sparkle from the quartz and mica that has been slowly built into the stone. Their beauty is truly breathtaking!

Who installs the product? How difficult is it to install?

As the manufacturer, we can install your project or refer you to one of our preferred contractors for installation.  Our installation process starts with an onsite visit to your home or business to assess the nuances of job size, placement, design, color selection, and time frame. 

Should you prefer to hire your own contractor or go "DIY," we will be happy to provide installation best practices as well as the right products needed for your job.  While our product is designed for ease of installation, you should consider the difficulty of your project, time frame, and whether or not you enjoy completing something with your own hands before choosing whether to hire the install or go DIY.

Have questions about your project?  We're here to help!

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Do they qualify for LEED points?

Absolutely! Since Recycled Granite materials are manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste they can earn credit points in the LEED rating system. LEED Credits for new projects and major renovations earn points from various rating categories.  Please consult with your local LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.

Is there a warranty?

Recycled Granite provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of its materials to the original purchaser of the product. Color matching cannot be guaranteed and replacement labor is not included. Proof of purchase is required. Please contact your local dealer for specific product warranty.

What is the maintenance/product care?

There is no maintenance or product care required. These materials have been around for thousands of years without any care. They weathered the elements without any help from us and will be around for thousands more for us to enjoy.

Do you sell to the Public or just Wholesale?

Both. We will work with just about anyone.
If you are a contractor, designer, landscaper or have a large project and would like to inquire about wholesale prices, please contact us today and we will setup a consultation.

Recycled Granite Nashville 

100% Recycled Materials

There is nothing more durable and breathtaking than the raw yet polished beauty of natural stone. After all, Mother Nature spent thousands of years creating it! We've decided to give this beautiful material a second life!

The Romans Used it...

Throughout time, Romans and Greeks have used Marble to construct homes, buildings, sculptures and monuments. Thousands of years, many wars and countless pillagings later, we can still see the beautiful creations of their hard work and love of these materials today.

Unlike Man-Made Materials

Unlike Man-made materials, you can feel safe using natural stone since it doesn't emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).