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We are a Locally owned, Nashville area manufacturer & retailer for all things
Recycled Granite and Natural Countertop Stone

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So, Recycled Granite you say? Yes, Recycled Granite!

Passionate about keeping these gorgeous stones out of the landfills, like our national founder and franchise CEO, Julie Rizzo, we knew there had to be a way to repurpose them...and we found it - actually several uses for this beautiful stone, creating jobs, reducing waste, to make the world a better place!

A multi-faceted company, we manufacture LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualifying building products for indoor/outdoor residential and commercial use, creating stunningly beautiful accent walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and more.

And as the world's leader in granite recycling, having saved over 80,000,000 pounds of granite from our landfills, we are the only locally owned boutique retail and party venue focused on environmental edutainment...turning waste into beauty. (Check out our Stone and Pallet TM page.)

Natives to Nashville, real estate and home improvement, this caught our eye! Rather than perpetuating the view "out with the old and in with the new", why not make the again?Repurposing rather than turning our landfills into mountains? The stone's stellar beauty should not be wasted on landfills! Rather, it should grace the home and gathering places, breathing new life into these settings.

If you are on board with our views, and wish to be good stewards of our environment for generations to come, help us divert unwanted and discarded stone from local landfills. Together we can customize your next dream improvement...and together, we can enjoy creative camaraderie in our Stone and Pallet parties. Come, visit our shop or give us a jingle.

Making a Difference! Enhancing the lives of people with physical and mental disabilities is our Green Abilities program, providing essential job and social skills. Developed by Julie Rizzo, our founder, we are modeling her Department of Labor approved Stone Artisan Certification program to the benefit of many here, while helping her roll this program nationwide. Our Green Abilities team is involved in making all the home decor and gift items found in our retail store. Your support of our recycling efforts and Green Abilities team truly does make a difference in your local community!  

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